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As a mom, you want to make the best decisions for your babe meaning, pick the right products, the right materials, the most healthy foods, medicines, bottles, pacifiers.. you know EVERYTHING!

each baby is so different and each requires tweaking the needs and what works. i wanted to share a few “tips”  that have worked with raising my boys.

1. diapers and wipes! Let’s start here because it’s literally the FIRST thing you will ever even put on or use on your babe. there are so many brands.. so many options.. again we wanted something that we trusted and WORKED (meaning kept those blowouts to a minimum because trust me i tried brands that hardly kept the yuck)  after a few trial and errors our very favorite have been Pampers PURE. why? we have never had sensitivity issues with the skin, the Pampers Pure Protection diapers are the first product that combines premium cotton, soft plant-based fibers and other thoughtfully selected materials and made without any chlorine bleaching, fragrance , parabens … they are hypoallergenic and super gentle. AND, they have super cute designs just in case that was a selling point for other brands for you. Again both boys do have sensitive skin, these wipes by pampers pure have never caused a skin irritation and have been very gentle. I use them on their faces and have never had issues there as well. I get both the Pampers Pure wipes and diapers from Walmart. Using Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick up I can order online, drive to the store and have all my groceries, including my diapers, loaded in my car for free! Literally a mommas dream, especially if you have multiples

2 Do what’s best for you and your family. I remember feeling pressure (I still do even now) about what’s the “right way” to go about things. Every baby is different and their needs are as well. What works for one may not for the other. River loved nursing while finnegan preceded a bottle. So I pumped mostly and gave Finn expressed milk and was able to nurse rivs till he choose to stop. Don’t let the pressure of what others are doing stress you out so you can’t appreciate where you’re at and that you’re little Love has other needs.

3 Encourage other moms. Give out information freely. Tell them you’re proud of them. Help out when you see It needed. And if your way looks a bit different just hang in that, as soon as we start preaching our way is THE way It starts to actually lose weight behind It. Because then It just looks and feels like it’s a judgmental way of saying this is how it’s done. Just because a mom never chose to breast feed doesn’t make her less than the mom who did for three years. It’s all good. God knows I have no clue what is “best” I’m trying to figure It out every day.

4 When you need a break, take It. As I’m writing this I’m sitting on the beach ALONE. Just for an hour during the boys nap time, but I took the moment to get out of the house. Not worry about the laundry I’ve already washed twice because I forget to switch it over, I knew I needed to recharge to be able to engage in the way I want to with the boys this afternoon. It’s important as moms we recognize when we are mentally exhausted. We want to do It all. But it’s ok to need a moment. We are better mothers because of It.

5 Lean on your other momma friends. Call. Vent. Ask lots of questions. I learn so much from my momma babes. Especially if they are more seasoned than I am. I will never have too much pride when It comes to parenting because then It becomes more about me then them and that’s when I start to fail.

That’s my Little’s bits of momma advice and encouragement. Sending all my love to all you babes out there living the dream and feeling like am I actually ruining this little person?! 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ you’re killing It. You’re a warrior. And I love you xx

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