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Hey babes. 
How is summer literally almost over?! I can’t. Summer is my favorite season ever. I could totally live in Florida and be in heat all year and be totally fine with it. People used to always tell me I’d love California, I went, and it was freezing to me! But I did love how beautiful it was and how much opportunity to do things outside and everything else.. anyways I’m rambling!

So if you follow my instagram and watch any of my stories, you’ll see that I’ve been talking a lot about skin care I’m using and loving. I’ve always been really good about taking care of my skin. But through my early 20s it was more about making sure I didn’t have any breakouts. Then I started to focus on making sure I was moisturizing enough but also not getting too oily. Now that I’m 30, just turned 31! I’ve been more focused on making sure I’m really taking care of my skin in a new way of helping to prevent any fine lines and wrinkles. I know it’s all natural with aging, but I think there’s things to do to help it all. One of my biggest issues and goals was wanting a “glow” and fresh look with and without make up. My skin can be very dull. Again, because I’ve been trying to always battle break outs. So I started asking around and I feel like I’m loving what I have going on right now and the results.
In all honestly I really have loved Reverse by Rodan and Fields I was extremely skeptical due to how nuts most of the other sales people were and I felt like it was a scheme to make money off me and less about a great product. Till I had two clients with the most beautiful skin and nothing to gain tell me that’s what they were using. And so I finally tried it out. And it’s a game changer!!! Step 3 is my life line!! Like literally gives me the GLOW. It’s a retinol and that’s what’s going to keep the fine lines at bay and help with any sun damage or skin imperfections. I love the little bit of exfoliant in the cleanser, helps with getting the bit of dryness. Ive been extremely happy. And I’m a minimalist with product use, so I can get these to last me 6 months plus so the investment wasn’t a huge issue. Highly recommend.

My FAVORITE masks, that I post doing all the time, are by Vanity planet I have the Clay all day 3 mask bundle, and love them!! I use the activated charcoal the most. Which is ‘designed for excessively oily and/or acne prone skin types. Clay, or kaolin, is ideal for acneic skin because it draws out impurities and helps to balance excessive oil production, while activated charcoal is known for its ability to act like a magnet for dirt, oil and debris. The combination of these two powerful detoxifying ingredients will help your skin’s oil production level out, clary up existing acne, and because your pores will be more clear, preventing future break-outs.’ It’s so good! The other two, a green tea designed more for hormonal acne, the Moroccan red clay is super versatile and great for everyone and removing unwanted oils and exfoliating this skin. Love them also because they are state side made and organic.

Last, I just started using Thistle brand face oil as my evening moisturizer. I use my r + f in the am and this in the evening. I already love what’s its doing and I’m super exited to see what my skin does over the next few weeks!

If anyone has any questions please email me and I’d love to help!
xx, C.



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