On the move

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Hey babes. River is currently raging in his crib while he’s supposed to be taking a nap. Get it together homieee. And finnegan will be waking any moment. 

It amazes me how quickly you move through all the baby goods. Like it’s insane. Somehow our little love is already done with so many things and moving onto new ones. I need to better about saying what we love for the different months. I know I always had to research or figure it out and sometimes it’s easier when people just put the info or ideas out there! 

One thing we used with both babes is a walker. Finns was a little ratchet so I just received a new one by Safety 1st for river and he lovesss it. It’s kept him more entertained than just always hanging in his play yard thing. We also like to bring it outside and let him scoot around with his brother. (Click above to bring you right to the link) 

On that note, we still love his Skiphop bouncer too which you can later turn into a play table. 

So an item that I can’t live without and we use alllll the time.. is our Mountain buggy nano stroller. When I went to Hawaii two of our friends had these and they were so compact and super light weight and easy to travel with. I was hesitant because of the cost but it was soooo worth it. I don’t even use my bugaboo anymore. And it strolls better than any stroller I’ve ever used. Swear. Get it. 

Ok both kids are screaming. That’s all for today. ✌🏼

Xx, C. 

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