In a field of flowers.

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‘In a field of roses, she is a wildflower’

Can’t we live in a town that has rows and rows of flowers being grown? That would be dreamy. 

I ventured out with the boys and my bestie snapped some shots of us at local little church that has the sweetest little garden. 

River is growing far too fast, and I look at Finns face and can’t believe he’s such a little boy now. I can’t grasp how time works. How it passes by so quickly and other times so slowly. I wish we could stay right here forever. 

Latly I’ve been challenged in new ways with really staying in gods word. I’ve almost felt a spiritual warfare happening with women. Time and time again we are told the truth will reveal itself. And, it always does. There’s people who speak multiple languages, while I fall short here too, the language of love, kindness and Jesus.. and then in the same breath break down, speak ill, and hurt others. As I’ve grown, I can easily recognize the underlying issue with those types of people, that it never has anything to do with the person they are pointing to but everything to do with the person they are. There’s times I find myself feeling jealous of what someone else has which in return makes me ungrateful for all I’ve been given.. that all of a sudden my three bedroom house is crap.. but then there’s people living in shelters, five to a bedroom.. and I’m reminded god has given us so much. And also when I start to think more of what others have I’m saying to god that what he has done for me isn’t good enough. Everyday I’m challenged. I fall short multiple times a day. But I also have growth each and every day. I can reflect on the people who I have around me and know that maybe I must be doing something right to have such solid GOOD babes pouring into me and being WITH me. 

So my message, don’t fall into the hype of being a mean girl. (Middle school I owned that shhttt) don’t always fall into the rants of speaking ill of others but do speak the truth of it. And if the truth of how people would describe you isn’t the nicest nouns. Do something different. ✌🏼

xx, C.

Me: TeeSkirtHatCoin necklace

River: Mock shoe

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