Hair waves

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Hey babes. So I’ve been working in the hair industry for almost 17 years. Crazy right? My first job was working as a shampoo tech in a salon. 

For the past ten years I’ve been using t3 blow dryers and flat irons exclusively. Only because I havnt found another brand that compares to the quality and drys the hair half as fast. I use this one at home and I use this one in the salon.  

I recently needed to update my curling irons and decided to see what t3 had. I ended up getting the Whirl trio set with three different wands and then got two other sizes in clamp style barrels. I love that there’s a base and you can interchange all of them. 

So these have been a game changer for me. They heat up extremely fast, get hot enough, and go through the hair like silk. I could not be happier! 

One of these days I’ll do a quick video on how I have figured out what works best for curling my hair. And the look I like and how I achieve it. (God knows there a zillion videos already out there on beach waves and everything else) but I section my hair and start from the bottom and work up. I take about one inch sections and just do a twist in a half towards the end of my hair but leaving the last inch of my ends out of the curling iron. That’s the biggest trick to getting the wave look and not the curled look. I choose to clamp in all my curls until I get to right around my face and then I’ll switch out and wand those pieces. I don’t touch it till I’m totally finished and then I lightly run my hands through it all. Finish with a texturizing dry shampoo, and that’s it. Easy. I try not to wash for four days. So I just touch up my curls in the am around the face and it seems to hold up great. 

I promise I’ll get a video up 

If you’re interested in t3 products they are having a big sale right now only till July 3 and they also offer financing which is pretty incredible and have a great warranty to all their products. 

If you have questions write me! 

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