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Hey babes. We have had the most beautiful weather this week in vb. It almost feels like fall…? I’m not complaining the low humidity and heat is so nice and much easier for the babies. 

Work has been so busy and so intense. I am so thankful for the abundance of clients and new clients.. although I find myself laying in bed at night and sometimes waking up at 3 am really stressing about the ones I havnt seen. I take all of that so personal. I hate it. It’s hard when you see someone every 4-6 weeks for years and then all of a sudden they are gone. I always wonder about them. Miss hearing about their families, jobs, activities.. there’s such an investment into people’s lives with this career. That’s what I also love so much about it. I was thinking Tonight after I got home from the salon, about how much I actually cry with talking to my clients, literally today in the 5 hours I was there I cried together, with two clients. And Monday and Tuesday I cried also.. and multiple times last week.. it’s amazing. Not always because things are sad, sometimes because of something happy, like today talking about the birth of my clients baby girl, or my other client explaining how god literally showed up and spoke right to her. And she heard it loud and clear. Incredible. 

anyways I feel fortunate to have this career. That I get to “work” and people actually are ministering to my life and hopefully I am to others. 

Now I’m home for the next four days with our babies. The perfect balanace. For now. 

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xx, C.

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