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 This post is sponsored by Aveeno. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.I am so excited that our beach season is finally here! I fall in love with Virginia Beach all over again every time spring rolls back around. The town sorta hibernates all winter and there’s not much going on (which made for perfect timing having the boys and hunkering down with them) once the weather warms up we have lots of great festivals and fun activities going on at the boardwalk every weekend and we ride the bikes out with the boys as much as possible. It’s good.

We live just about a mile from the ocean so we love to jump on our bikes and pack the babes up and ride down for our beach sessions. And so far we have tackled it twice and I’d say it’s gone really well! I’m really trying to learn not to overpack and to bring the necessities. 

So I’m going to give you a few of my ‘can’t be without’ items for the sandy beach days!

1. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sensitive Skin Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 50  

Is first and foremost! If I forget EVERYTHING else, as long as I brought their sunscreen we will be ok. My boys both have extremely sensitive skin. These blonde babies! This sunscreen is formulated with oat to help lock in moisture and sooth the babes’ delicate skin, and the zinc oxide provides broad spectrum coverage to protect from the sun. It’s water resistant, hypoallergenic, tear-free and lightweight and doesn’t leave their skin greasy or sticky feeling. Free of all parabens, phthalates, dyes, fragrances and chemical sunscreen ingredients (because I’m nuts and research all products that are going on our boys!)

Aveeno also makes an SPF 50 Face Stick Sunscreen, which I keep in my diaper bag as another on-the-go option for mineral protection. I even keep one in Finnegan’s school book bag. Finn actually loves to use this stick and apply his own face sunscreen. 

2. George Hats Hands down my favorite hats all around for the boys. I love the fabric and I love the flaps that cover their ears and necks. And surprisingly the boys don’t pull them off because they are comfortable. 

3. Gathre mat I keep one in our beach bag and a small one in my diaper bag. They are made from premium bonded leather, they are wipeable, have a waterproof surface with a suede backside. I love that it’s a thicker mat so when river is rolling around on it it doesn’t bunch up like a towel. I use it on the sand or inside his little tent. 

4. Beach tent Literally you pull two strings it’s up you pop the top and it breaks right down. No fuss. And perfect!! I keep river in it pretty much the whole time with some toys or I put down a muslin swaddle and get him to snooze in there with my phone on white noise. 

5. Beaba Snack containers and Spoons. Ok these are my all time favorite spoons and storage containers. The material of the spoons are sooo good!!! And the shape river does great with.  I just Love that these containers stack and twist into each other. So I’ll pack whatever baby food I’ve made for river in these and toss it in my small little cooler.

6. Bondi beach baby swaddles So I bring one of these because first her prints are my favorite and second I use it for rivs in the tent, like I said for naps, and I actually also use them as a wrap around skirt type jam for myself instead of wearing anymore clothes than I have to. 

7.  Beach chair This chair is for rivs. Game changer. And it’s sooooo cute!!

8. Sand toys. 

9. Nena and co bag I use my nena bag because it has the book bag option to carry and that’s easiest since my hands are totally full with the kids. 

10. Native shoes I use on finnegan. They are waterproof and have little holes for the sand to go in and out. And he wears them the whole time. The sand gets super hot here and these protect his whole foot and I just rinse them off once we get home. 

11. Skip hop water cup For finnegan. He only drinks out of straw cups and never sippy style ones. Much easier. Between his water cup and our sunscreen these are the two most important packs! 

12. Logan and Lenora tote Lastly my tote from L + L that has Waterproof Lining, and is BPA + phthalate free. And the outside is easlily wipped down from any stains. It holds a TON and cleans up easy after. 

So beyond those items I of course back a few little baggies of snacks for Finn, fruit, tons of water, a few pouches, two swim diapers, a few extra diapers for river, wipes, they both wear swim bottoms and a upf protectant swim top (rash guard type jam). 

My hat / Baja / Sunglasses Watermelon cooler

xx, C. 

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