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Its amazing how rapidly sometimes i feel like my style can change. Im also so thankful for how far I’ve grown in coming into style and decorating.
I get inspired by so many other artists and bloggers, my mother in law, magazines, pinterest.. i feel like we are very eclectic with our decor. We love farm house, rustic, industrial, americana, and some boho touches.. most of the time todd and i line up with the same likes.. when i start getting too boho or far too many plants in a short time he questions my sanity and decisions a bit. which i understand because i tend to get into something and then get a llll in and don’t always manage that well. Im working on it.
We have recently been trying to organize the downstairs living space and living room. With all the kids toys it sometimes feels cluttered and like they take over. A big red fire truck or bright blue keyboard juts doesn’t really “fit” into our “cool” decor happening. So every night i tidy up, put the toys in this really cool vintage woods trunk we found and look around and think, ok this isn’t so bad.
We have been trying to redecorate the mantle space, and find the perfect new carpet. That has been taking us a few months. Making sure we both like it, it fits with what we have going on, its soft enough for bare feet and the babes to play on, isn’t going to stain easily.. and just add to the room. After months of searching and falling in love over and over again we bought the most amazing rug from Rugs USA
Im obsessed!!
Everyone comments on it now and i feel like we have really completed the space finally. We have found some new clean white end tables for by the couches, and a new filing cabinet for paperwork, added plants and just tried to put things in the room we love and have purpose. instead of just overlooking a piece that had been in the house thats just moved along with us so many times we just kept using it and hanging onto it. we replaced those with pieces we love. It still gets cluttered. The desk collects papers. The toys are everywhere 98% of the time. but its good.
It feels so much better investing money and time into our space than on mundane things that get lost and don’t matter much.

our happy little space. making memories with my boys here is and will always be priceless. xx

Rug/ floor plant baskets/ Mantle planters, elephant, coffee table tray/ Drapes / Desk, Vintage/ Chair, Gifted

If you have any questions on items just email me!

xx, C.

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