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Tonight we walked down to the beach with the boys and checked out the king neptune statue and let Finnegan run up and down the ramp that goes onto the beach. I swear i love how the most mundane things he makes so incredibly exciting all over again. His cute little body running, his arms flying all over and his hair flopping around. Im obsessed. He’s talking so much now. Im amazed. Its such a fun time. He can be incredibly trying and strong willed but i know that also has the potential to do good for him later in life. I just constantly remind myself, i can’t get tired of the important job got has ordained todd and i to do with these babies. Its good.

So focused and has his pop pop.

only came over long enough to smooch me and then back off to running.

Im sad i didn’t have this diaper bag in time for our Hawaii trip. It has so much space!! and so many amazing compartments and zipper pockets!! i also prefer a book bag style over any others just because i usually have both boys in my arms a lot of times and i don’t have room to have a diaper bag on my arm too. theres nothing id change about it. its actually one of the first diaper bags i packed both boys in and still had a little room, so i was able to pack our camera! and the hubs likes that its an all black and not overly girly looking, ha.
Spring has arrived here. So, happy spring babes. Enjoy your weekend xx

jumper / my shoes / diaper bag / my hat / necklaces / rivers hat / Finns Shirt / baja blanket

all my love, C.

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