Raising boys

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Our sweet Finnegan was already in school this morning when we did a quick shoot with my bestie, so i only have one of my babies!
Love this tee so much by ford + wyatt and i think i wear it the most too, because well, its my life right now!
Theres all these weird moments that sometimes i look at River or Finn, and think wait, they are ours? Sometimes i cant get over finns little body running about the house and him doing the most independent little things, climbing up on the toilet to reach over and turn the sink on and wash his hands, then getting down and drying them off with the towel.. or just looking at him cross his legs, fold his hands, sit on the couch and watch one of his favorite movies while singing the songs or saying “uh oh they sad” if anyone is upset.. blows my mind. Id say at least twice a week i look over at river, and literally can’t believe he’s real. that we have TWO babies, two boys. its baffling. i feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and happiness that also comes with an aggressive amount of feeling like I’m failing at parenting or having enough time in the day to find the right amount of balance for the boys, my husband, the house, my friends, myself, and my clients. laundry piles up and then clean laundry seems to take me at least a week to put away then the process starts all over again. but i just remember to have grace and know one day, far too soon these babies will be wanting to stay the night out or be with their friends and won’t cry for us every time we leave the room.

look at that sweet perfect face!!

hat / tee / skirt / boot
beanie / onsie / pant / booties / bib

all my love, C.

Photography by Catey Carey


  1. Tawni Krueger

    Hi, Chanity! I stumbled across your IG profile which lead me to your blog and I let my dinner get cold last night because I was so engrossed in reading all your little nuggets of wisdom you’ve shared! I’m a first time momma getting ready to meet our little man in June. I’ve heard lots of wonderful things about essential oils and have been doing my research on them here and there, and had never heard of placenta encapsulation but I found a place here in Austin, Texas that sounds wonderful and signed myself up for that today. I’m excited to have found your blog and am looking forward to following along as you share more information on what’s worked for you. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so I don’t miss any posts?

    Best wishes to you and your precious family!

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