Rivers nursery

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We have a three bedroom house, and each one of us has an extensive amount of clothing.(thank goodness we only have boys) I’m pretty sure my husbands shoe collection is far larger than my own. He used to own a mens clothing line, and has such an amazing sense of style. He doesn’t need much but he does have his own amount of clothes that were never going to fit into our rooms closet with the space it is and the clothing i have. So Rivers room is Todds closet. We also used to use Rivers room as our guest bedroom, and even though we don’t have many people come and stay (especially now, no one wants to stay with two babies), there are times if one of us is really sick, or Todd is going hunting at 4 am, then he will stay in the guest bed. So when we needed to make River a space in our home we wanted him to have all the things he would need but also give Todd the space he needs and keep a guest bed. Somehow, we made it work.
When we started brainstorming on what we wanted his room to look like, I knew we wanted to do something different than Finns. His is very rustic with lots of woods and greys..which i love. We went totally opposite and did some pops of color and lots of whites and brights. Its such a happy space.
We have made a small space work well. You can see that we have crates under the bed that store more items. We use a crib skirt so we can store all his diapers and wipes under the crib without seeing them. We went with a mini crib because he doesnt need a full-size one for a while and by then he can use Finns. Lots of bins and baskets that store his swaddles, shoes, bibs, hats, and all the in betweens. I ended up using one of his moses baskets as his changing “table”, i change Finn in it still and it seems to work well for us and looks better.
We have tried to create spaces for the boys that they can love for longer than a short few years. We try not to make anything too “baby” I’m sure ill want to change the rooms long before they ever ask, but for now it is well.
and whats a photoshoot without having to stop to nurse…

Feautred products:
crib sheets: Little & Luxe
Heart crochet blanket: The Velvet Boutique
Fur rug: Ikea
Grow up, Pineapple, & Cactus print: Melinda Wood Designs
“R” & Sunshine wall art: Hobby Lobby
Cactus pillow & Fringe pillow: Target
Sunshine pillowcase: Target
Bedding: Target
Wall decals:Urban Walls
Plant basket & his dirty clothes basket: Olliella
Moses Basket: Plum & Sparrow
Lion Head: Hobby Lobby
Wall organizer: Ikea
Felt letter board: Letterfolk
Hanging baskets: Ikea

My dress: FillyBoo
Rivers Bonnet: Emi Rose & Co.

If theres anything i didn’t link that you want to ask about just comment and ill get back to you.

all my love, C.

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