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Hey babes. New Years goal, to put more focus into this site. Let’s be honest a quick instagram post or instagram story is much easier but I feel like I don’t get to talk about half the products, boutiques, lines, and thoughts about what’s going on.
Happy new year!!
So I did a post about things I was really excited to try with river. Now I’m going to talk about a few different items and what I’m actually loving and using.

1. My Dock a tot I get asked a lot if this is worth it to buy.. yes. It’s very worth it. River sleeps in this every single night in the middle of our bed. He isn’t getting a really long stretch yet and I have nights I’m up 4 or 5 times. He sleeps really well in this (he just wants to nurse a lot and then goes right back down) and with consleeoing I only feel safe with having him snug in this. And when we transition him to his crib, we will be using this in it to help. Worth every penny.

2. Bouncy seat These are cheap and the greatest purchase ever. We use this to set Rivs in all over the house. It’s light and easy and I move it up and down stairs as I’m getting ready, giving Finn a bath, cooking dinner, taking a shower, whatever it may be this is usually what he’s hanging out in.
3. Car seat cover This one is on sale right now on brickyard buffalo. I’m a germ freak. So I love that these first, keep people away. And second, keeps him warm and snug and out of the rain, snow, or wind. And it doesn’t fly around if it actually is windy out. Oh and I use it as a nursing cover! I leave my diaper bag in the car 9 times out of 10 and I can just pull this off and use it. Boom.

4. Binxy shopping cart hammock God knows with two kids you hardly have any room for actual groceries or whatever you may be shopping for in your cart.. especially when I use my car seat carrier it takes up the whole basket and then finn is sitting in the front. I am obsessed with this hammock. Fits all different carts and sooo easy. We use it at target and the grocery store all the time. People always ask about it. Genius.

5. Young living Essential oils. I stared using oils when I got pregnant with Finn because I ended up with a cold and didn’t want to take any drugs or use chemicals.. I order my starter kit and from there gradually built onto my collection as needed. I fight all my colds, allergies, the kids colds, I got rid of mastitis, Finns hand foot and mouth rash, eczema, built a milk supply, clean my house, all with oils. I use them diluted on rivers tummy when he’s having issues. Peppermint diffused for Finn if a fever, rc or raven when he’s congested, and recently I made a blend for him to wear at school to help calm him down a bit and help with any aggression he’s feeling with the teething. They have changed our lives. Changed our home. And I swear by them.

6.Ollie swaddle. You all already know this. Invest in one. Or two. It’s the only swaddle we use. And it’s a miracle. From fussy to peaceful in one quick Velcro. side note, his beautiful moses basket pictured here is by plum and sparrow

7.Coco and kiwi diaper bag. I have far too many diaper bags and this one for coco and kiwi is my go to. First I think because I love the look but more so it holds everything, has the perfect amount of compartments and can be used as a tote, book bag, or cross body. Straps onto my stroller bar. Changing pad. So in love.

8.Tubby Todd products. These have done really well on rivers baby skin. No breaking out issues or drying. I use the hair and body wash, everyday lotion after his bath, and the all over ointment on his face. Helped clear his baby acne right up. Made with 100% all natural ingredients, and so gentle.


9. Frida baby products let me just say that these two products make people want to die when i do them, they make me so happy i can’t even explain it. they are like instant gratification. the nasal aspirator is a god send. we use it with a little saline solution and it clears the boys out like no other. and you get to see allllll the yuck thats stuffing that babe up. incredible. second product by them i use, the windi, i had never used this with finn. i bought it for river in his first few weeks because he was acting so uncomfortable with his gas and tummy, i would give him a bath, do his baby massage, pump him legs a few times and then use this. shut upppp. it works!!!!!! try it yourself. you’ll see. just don’t put your hand under their bum, i got pooped on multiple times before i learned my lesson.

ok those are a few things i would recommend over and over for any momma. please if you have any questions write me!

all my love, C.

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