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Ok. So I’m finally going to do a post on milk supply. I do a lot of Instagram story posts on my milk that I’ve pumped and how much I’ve done in the 7 weeks since river was born. (So far I’ve pumped 1,100 ounces) I get a TON of private messages on what am I doing.. how do I get so much.. what’s my secret.
I have no idea if it’s any one thing that does the trick, or if my body is just made to produce a crap ton of milk.. I don’t know. But I DO know that I wasn’t willing with Finn or river to not do everything I could to have a really healthy supply so I could/ can keep them on strictly breast milk for at least a year.

First, I encapsulated my placenta. With both boys. I did research and felt like it was something that was really important for myself to do. I’ll tell you this, with both boys I had zero postpartum, hardly any post bleeding, great recoveries, and my milk came in quickly and abundantly. I found a local contact who did it for us and she was amazing. Met us both times right after birth and had my placenta in capsules and returned to me by early the next day. If you’re local here is her contact
I highly recommend doing your research and also going through with it if you’re able to.

Second, I use fennel and basil essential oils by young living. I put 10 drops of each into a roller bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil and roll it onto the side (almost my armpit) of my breast once a day. Usually after I know river did a full feed so I’m not worried he could touch it at all.
Fennel link
Basil link

Third, I take fenugreek to help with supply once a day with my placenta pill.
Fenugreek link

Fourth, I drank this tea every day once I was home from the hospital for the first two weeks. Now I just drink it every few days. Mama body tea link

Fifth, drink a crap ton of water. Keep it by my bed through the night and tons during the day.

Sixth, I pump. I definetly over produce. But I wanted that so I could build a supply. I’m a working mum so I don’t have the option to not have a supply and bottle feed. And honestly Todd loves being able to offer a bottle and feed his babes too. As for pumping, I pump four times a day usually. In the morning after river is done nursing… around 1 or 2 in the afternoon when he’s nursed again is down for a nap, 7-8ish after he’s nursed and I’ve put him down for bed.. and around 3-4 am after he’s nursed. I pump for 10-12 minutes and NOT until dry.. in case he does wake Or needs to feed I still have milk to do so. I have started to pump 15 minutes at the 8pm session because I know he’s going to be sleeping for a while before he wakes for his nighttime feeds. When I’m working I pump every three hours just as if I were going to feed river. If you want a supply you have to pump I think. You have to tell your body it needs more. You have to be and stay committed to it. I hate the 4 am pump. So much. But I will not allow my body to think I no longer need the milk and my supply to drop. So I do it. I stay at it. (I started pumping 2 days after river was born)
I use this pump by medela link

I do think some genetics play into all of this. Again, with both boys I’ve had an insane supply. So I have no idea if all the things I do to help are the reason or just because my body produces milk really well. I don’t know. So even if you are doing everything, and the results aren’t what you feel they should be, don’t be discouraged. The smallest bit of breast milk is so good for your babe and if you do it a week or a year it’s amazing for them and amazing you gave it a go. I pray that after this year if my supply stays this way I can donate my milk to the babes who need it and mothers who’s milk hasn’t come in but want their Little’s to be on breast milk.

I prayed with both babies to be able to nurse them. I had dreams about nursing them before I had them. It was the one thing that I really wanted, but I also knew that if it didn’t happen it wouldn’t crush me. That I would mourn that quickly and move forward knowing healthy baby healthy mommy is all that ever really matters. Too many of us let our needs become what we think the babies needs are.. all they need is to be loved.. fed.. and nurtured.. whatever that looks like.. so try it all.. be consistent.. and I wish you the best with your sweet loves and hope that this helps in some way!! Feel free to still ask any questions xx



  1. Josey Vance

    Love this! You are an inspiration and I love following you on Instagram! Thank you for the info! ????

  2. Lindsey

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I’m eternally grateful! I was looking for some good recommendations as I’m waiting for my second little girl to arrive in the next 6 weeks. Thank you again for sharing. XXO

  3. Jessica Reichley

    Thank you for sharing this as I only breastfed with Cash for 5 weeks and gave up, but with this new little one on the way I am determined to try all I can to keep it going! These are some great tips, & help make me feel like I am taking the right steps to help my next little babe be as healthy as Cash! Thanks again girl!

  4. Amanda

    Those are all great ideas of ways to keep up supply. I also think having babe go straight to the breast after birth helps things a lot too! I always over supply with my babes but besides eating a lot and lots of water I produced that I needed to pump!

  5. Jenn

    Thank you so much for this post!!! How much do you usually get on each side when you pump?

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