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I love that quote so much. “I’m whole”. 

In a mad world, filled with so much insanity yet so much love, it can be hard to find balance. Having peace where you are and with what you have, but having dreams and goals to where you want to go.. As long as the journey is always beautiful. Having grace with where you stand.. The social media world has created some amazing platforms for people, brands, companies, small businesses.. But with it comes feeling like why do they have that and I don’t? Why is she so skinny? Why is her hair so perfect? It’s so important for me to constantly find ground. To always know what’s most important.. Not the next best clothes, I just reallyyyy love getting dressed.. But Jesus. First. Always God first. My husband. My babies. Here’s what’s important, I could and would, live in a box with nothing with my husband and be safe and happy. I love him. Not for anything he has or anything he does for me, but for everything he is. That’s priceless. 

I’m so thankful to carry this baby boy and have a home filled with love, laughter and so much craziness. 

When I was pregnant with finnegan I swear a maternity line like this did not exsist! I am OBSESSED. Like coveting every single piece. They are all so boho and dreamy and I feel beautiful in them. Check out Filly boo maternity you’ll be so happy you did. She has so many pieces that are so perfect without a belly too. 

We are 29 weeks! We will schedule rivers c section date in two weeks! What. It’s going by far too fast. 

All my love xx C.

Dress : Filly boo maternity

Hat: Brixton

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