Top knot/messy bun

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Hey loves.


  {taste unlimited lunch date with my boys.}    {Mother’s Day. I had zero time that morning to do my hair before breakfast.}

So I get asked ALOT about how I do my top knot. And how I get it so messy. So finally, my hubs helped me get a tutorial video up for all of you! 

In it it should answer a few of the questions any of you might have about products, how to secure it, and what I don’t do. 

Please if you have any other questions leave a comment and I promise I’ll get back to you with suggestions that may help! 
Hope you enjoy!! {bare with our very first video, our angle wasn’t great but you get the big picture and now we know what to tweak for our future ones!!}

 xx, C. 


  1. Peaches

    So cute! Thank you!! I’ve been flipping my head & using ponytail holder! So needed this!

  2. Martina

    Now to buy all the Bobby pins! I totally had the too tiny weird hair tie look going on! Excited to try it this way!

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