Rivers Reveal

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I literally can’t explain how excited we are to be announcing that our second baby is a BOY!!!! 


Although Finnegan isn’t quite aware of what’s happening or the impact River will have on his life, we are thrilled that we can give him the gift of a best buddy. Him and River will be 20 months apart. After the first year they will quickly start to catch up with each other and hopefully be partners for life. 

It still doesn’t seem real that we are awaiting the arrival of another new baby. 

Dreaming about what this little one will look like, whose nose will he have? Will he be blonde too? Will he look anything like Finnegan? 

Mostly we just pray for him to countinue to grow and be healthy and happy. In Jesus name.. 


 All above photos captured by the talented Catey from Radiant photography  
Trying to use balloons as a prop is a joke. Unless there’s zero wind. It literally just isn’t possible to get them to stay under control. Pinterest fail! But we over doing this shoot wth daddy. Thanks to my husband for capturing these above photos. xx 

 Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

xx, C, Todd, & Finnegan. 


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