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 Being a boys mom was always my dream. Being Finnegans mom is so amazing it’s almost unbearable to comprehend the love.  

Today I had a lot of those moments of just being in awe of him. Looking at his double chin and puckered lips as he sits Indian style and focuses on “reading” his book in his teepee. 
His 15 month well check was today and I think just reflecting on bringing a toddler into the office when it felt like we were just there bringing in a 4 day old baby.. Talking about mile stones.. Weren’t we just worrying about him trying to turn himself over? Now it’s walking, talking, dropping bottles.. Having children let’s you know really how old you are. Time before just passed and my since of fashion just changed or got better, ha. Now, it’s like nope you have a college student you’re old. 
Anyways we are cherishing these months. Basking in his presence. Taking in his needs and wants. Embracing our family of 3, until we become 4. 
Next week we will know what this little bean is. Boy or girl? What’s your guess?!
 xx, C 
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