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Sorry for the lame selfie. But I figured it was a decent “natural” hair day so would give a few of my tips on how to achieve a good wave without any heat. 

I have natural wave to my hair. I have super fine and thin hair. 

After the shower I use this leave in conditioner (Best ever). Then my  Wet brush for comb out. So much easier on your hair and cuts down my comb out time by 80%. I get dreads at the nape of my head. 

I’m not a huge over doer on products. I use what I need. That’s it. So I use Lift up by j Beverly for some texture and lift at the root. And oribe Gold lust hair oil on my ends to restore and nourish. (Cause you know my hair is jacked!)

Then I don’t mess with it. Don’t touch it while it’s drying. That’s how you mess up the wave/curls. The best is when I loosely twist it into a top knot while damp and clip it, sleep in it, then take down in the am. Let air dry rest of the way and the curls are usually pretty uniformed and from wearing it up it gives some volume. 

Once it’s all dry I use this dry shampoo at the roots. It’s AMAZING. Best ever. Gives so much texture! 

Today I did use at the very top of my roots a three prong waver. Here

It allows if any pieces are too straight to give them some wave. Don’t use it all the way down to the ends becuase it will give too much of a 80s crimped looked. And again, will help give some lift at the root. 

That’s all! Usually gets better by day two. I can get three days usually and then if I start getting too dreaded I do a top knot the last day. It’s great for vacations and summer time, and just giving your hair a break from heat. 

If you have questions, ASK! 

xx, C. 

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