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 Hello!!! We could not be more excited to fill everyone in on our GOOD news. God has decided to EXPAND our family and our hearts as we will welcome a sweet baby this coming October. 









 We found out a couple weeks ago. We weren’t trying. But we weren’t not trying. It took us 7 months of trying for Finnegan. So it was quite a surprise for both of us that this happened with no real plan. What a different experience. We have talked about having another since Finn was born. 

And other than a gnarly headache and a couple gagging moments and lots of hating food and loving everything I normally wouldn’t eat, I feel great. 

Changing poopy diapers while pregnant is NO JOKE! I’ve literally almost thrown up on Finnegan. Ha 

I’m not trying to embrace maternity clothes until I HAVE to while last time i was making a pizza belly look like a baby bump. 

Of course I immediately went through all types of emotions of how’s this going to work for Finn, I can’t do a double stroller, which room will the baby go in,  balancing time.. all the things I have zero control over and really don’t matter anyways. God always provides. 

There was this very prominent moment for me that wiped all my fears clean, I was having dinner with a best friend, listing off MY fears, and she said “Chanity, god NEEDS this baby. There is a need for this baby’s life on earth. It’s anointed.” Um hello. That takes me. Todd. Finn. Everyone out of the equation. It’s not about me or anyone or anything. It’s about there is a purpose for this baby’s LIFE. So I will just countinue to pray for health, to carry, protect and guide this sweet baby with our families. 

As for the name, one night Todd and I were doing Finns nightly routine together. Massage and reading to him, somehow we brought up the name River for a second baby, we both loved it. We both agreed if we had a boy or girl that would be the name. So, we don’t know yet what the sex of this sweet bean is but we do know your name. River Elliott Askins. Elliott is my maiden name. 

  Pray for our journey through pregnancy. 

All our love, The Askins. 

xx, C. 

All photos taken and edited by Catey Carey.  For bookings visit her Site


  1. Martina

    Chanity that’s so beautiful! God truly does provide! And this baby is already a huge blessing to this world! Congrats mama!

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