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This past week my little bird and I have been doing a lot of the above. He’s been teething like crazy and waking up crying in the middle of the night which has awarded him a snug little spot in between Todd and I. Which we LOVE. But most of the night I find his leg in my rib cage. The other night he woke up at 4 am and tried taking my hair clip out. I’m like um no. Sleep kid. I was sick a few days with a migraine and vomiting so his snuggles were LIFE. It’s been so nice to slow down with the boys. Since Finnegan turned one he has become very intentional with his actions and feelings. He comes over and lays his head down and just loves on Todd and I. It’s so sweet. He also is intentional when upset, and will try and bite me. Ha. Still weathering that one. 

Being a working mum makes my time with him sweeter. For his first year I was in the salon super part part time. I have just in the last two weeks picked up a few hours to try and not make it so difficult for my clients to get in and to just get back in there more. I love the balance of my job and home life. I’m lucky enough to really spend my time at the salon doing hair on a lot of my friends and then every client usually ends up building into that. Some of my closest friends today started as clients. It’s a blessing. Hair has been a ministry to my life and in many ways me to others. I love that at least once a day I end up sharing the GOOD news. 

Anyways. Balance is good. Perspective on all of it is best. 

Rest in the sweet moments. 

xx, C. 


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