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A few weeks ago as I posted, we lost a friend. In those moments we never know what to do. And with her expecting a baby it really laid heavy on me. Of course in my own way of coping, I go shop. For the person. Not me. I thought she NEEDS a box of SUNSHINE. So I left the funeral on a mission and really to help myself heal. I ran around and bought some of my favorite little things… And some of Finnegans favorite things. 

A break down..

Until I had Finn I hadn’t shopped in old navy in years. They have the BEST graphic onesies and tees. Shop Here

Love these wrap onesies. Find Here

I bought a ton of bandana bibs before having Finn. Off etsy and baby boutiques, spent way too much on them and hated how all of them fit. They bunched up around his chin. These ones by h&m were the BEST! They lay down and are so soft and actually serve their purpose. Here

I bought all these items at our favorite local babe shop ‘rockabyebaby obx’ go visit her or give her a call for shipping. 


I waited way too long to buy the mommy hook. Just got it last month. Game changer. 

Car seat side kicks. They have magnets that allow you to move the straps out of the way on your carrier and keep them back. Again, game changer. 

Finn LOVES books. And these puppet ones have been a favorite since a few weeks old. 

Red cup sippy cup. It’s just too cute not to own. 

This oribe shampoo/conditioner is AMAZING. Makes my hair feel like silk instantly and doubles as a 2in1. 

Anyone who washes their hands at our house usually comments on how good this hand soap smells. Here

Candles can lift a room. Period. This one makes summer feel closer. 

If you knew Sean you know why I engraved “SFSL” Etsy

Simple earrings. 


A few days later I contacted some of our favorite companies for momma products and babe products. I told them Nicole’s story and said if they wanted to donate an item to her I would love to deliver. The response was overwhelming and people were so kind. Thank you so much to all these small shops for giving a gift that means so much more than you’ll ever know. You’re heaven sent. And a life line. God bless. 

These three items were donated by MADD sailor. We love this shop. She has the best slouch beanies and hair bows for girls. I have hair bows that match the prints of Finns beanies from her. God knows I love to twin with my boy. Go check her site out Here

The SOFTEST swaddles. GO look at her designs. They are the best ever. Ever. Little unicorn

Because there’s nothing like swaddling your newborn in gods word. Modern burlap

One of the first shirts I bought when I found out I was pregnant with Finn. She has little ones that say “baby bird” for the perfect photo opp. The bee and the fox

The only shoe I put on Finnegan till he was one was moccasins.  And the only reason he isn’t in them now is because it’s freezing out and he needs to wear socks and I’m weird about socks showing. These are my two go to companies for all of ours. The top two are from Sweet n Swag and the bottom are from  Wild explorers

All hand made with so much love.  

Be still clothing has the CUTEST tops and again, with a message. Or just a reminder that I sometimes need, gods hand is on everything. In the midst of the darkness the lord brings light. I believe this true day in and day out. 

Thank you again to all the companies who donated and helped me bring a bit of sunshine through this storm to nicole. We love you. 

God bless 

xx, C. 


  1. Carissa

    Chanity, I love your heart and thoughtfulness. You are truly one of a kind. She’s going to love this. ❤️

  2. Mary

    So sorry for your loss I’d love to add a little sunshine…. With a personalized handstamped leather cuff from my Betsy shop thecuffchic.. What do you want me to do?

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