DIY dresser

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once winter actually hits i get super bored and the indoor house   projects begin. 

Last week I started doing a little research on chalk paint. I had heard you don’t have to sand and it could take one coat. Well after asking around, I decided either way I would have to do two coats because I’m covering black, so I ended up just using white paint primer. It worked great. I didn’t sand. I did two coats. 
I put a sheet down under the dressers. Used a damp washcloth to wipe down the furniture first, make sure before you start painting they have dried 100%. 
After the two coats and allowing it to totally dry. I used a sanding block and sand paper on the original handles and around the edges in some areas of the dresser and drawers.. 

To get some bigger “distressed” areas I used a sander on a low speed, lightly and it works so good and so easy and super fast!   After I finished sanding I used a damp washcloth again to wipe down any dust. 

I love them so much better. It brightened up our room a ton which I love. And I got both dressers done in a day 1/2. Which honesty I could have done in a 1/2 day but I only worked on them during Finnegans naps. 


Tools :

 old sheet or tarp


Paint brush 

Screw driver 

Sand paper 

Sand block 

Electric sander 

Wet washcloth 

xx, C. 



  1. Mary

    It turned out awesome.. I swear we could be sisters.. Lol I just chalk painted a faux red leather chair!! Your to cute for words even with horns????????!!

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