A year in review.

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 I feel like I should have started (or never stopped my first blog) this so much longer ago. Like when we were planning our wedding, navigating being newlyweds, buying a home, traveling the world, diving with sharks, while I was trying to get pregnant, or when I was pregnant, or when Finn was first born, or learning to breast feed, or starting Finn on solids .. I could go on. But the good news I can still go back and talk about all the ins and outs of those moments too. 

It feels like we are already knee deep into the new year, when it’s really just begun. So I’m posting this video my husband made of Finnegans first year, which ended up doubling as our year in review for 2015… 

And my top 9 from Instagram.  

xx C. 


  1. Jennifer c.

    I agree you should have never stopped blogging! You have such an amazing life + you deserve every bit of it!

    Love you girl.

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