Camp Finnegan

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                   first. i am SUCH a planner. i get excited and find comfort in lists. lots and lots of lists. down to what the family is all wearing for an event.. i started planning Finnegans party in late october just to start getting a feel for what direction we were going.. i knocked out alot of the heavy planning and brainstorming prior to december. with finns birthday being so close to christmas, it was really important to me that the holiday didnt get over looked either. that we really celebrated the christmas season too. the previous year i was 3 days over due and pretty bummed that our baby wasnt here, so the day kinda passed us by. i wasnt going to let that happen.

His Invites    

Signs..which I had to re-do since I left out the E! 


We did a fun chili bar with toppings, and the option of a classic chili or a white chicken chili. 



We made a timeline out of a pallet. On each clothes pin I put the month in which the photo was taken. 

I made his highchair banner with different fabrics from hobby lobby.

And he wasn’t at all interested in his cupcake.. 

My biggest tip, we had a coloring area for the older kids who came, that gave them something to do, and for the babies I brought over a basket of Finns toys, a couple containers of ‘puffs’ and some sanitizing wipes for the moms who are freaked out about sharing germs. This kept all the parents of young kids in an area where the babes had something to do and the parents could socialize and not chase them around or have to hold them the whole time. 

 We can’t thank all our friends and family enough for celebrating our sweet boy with us. He is beyond blessed. 

xx, C. 

My dress Zaful

Finns “one” Shirt

Fox Shoes

Tree print Leggings

Tree print button up Zara


  1. Leigh Broome

    Good grief this is so precious! Please come to my house in May and decorate for my Pipers first birthday! 😉

    1. Author

      aw thanks love!!! can’t we slow down time??? best tip is to use greenery for fill in!! so easy and looks like you did a ton!

  2. Kathy Jensen

    Ahhh….love your new blog…love the birthday pictures! Beautiful baby:)

  3. Mary

    Love love love!! Your stunning and your little family is the sweetest!! You have such a knack for style and recently found your IG!! Sheers from a fellow cosmetologist/mom/wifey & Jesus lover!!congrats on your blog!!-thecuffchic-Mary

    1. Author

      thank you mary!!!! yay for fellow sisters with same loves! come hang with us in vb xx

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